SheepDogs, Inc

Shirts for heroes who hunt down evil
vereor non magnus nocens lupus

Shirts Without Fear

T-shirts. They tend to be an outward expression of our personalities. We wear shirts that tell the world what kind of music we listen to, what kind of sports we play, and even our political views.

Sheepdogs, Inc. makes a statement about not only who you are, but what you are. Sometimes subliminal, always powerful. Our designs reach out of the fabric and touch the casual observer.

Active duty military, veteran, cop, first responder, patriot. These shirts tell the world that you are someone special, someone who puts the safety and security of others before yourself. You are one that has stepped up and made a righteous sacrifice so that the average person doesn't have to. You are a Sheepdog, and you are watching. 

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The House of Representatives voted today, 273-156, to arm “moderate” Syrian rebels to fight the plague that is ISIS, or ISIL. ISIS, or the group formerly known as the “JV Squad” are what we’ve come to know as Islamic Extremists. This brings me to my question; why in the hell do you fight anything “extreme” [...] Read More