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vereor non magnus nocens lupus

Sheepdog Shirts

Sheepdog (Sheep-dawg,-dog) noun.

From a very early age, sheepdogs are introduced to their flock to allow them to become familiar with those they are responsible for, to imprint. As they grow, the flock becomes accustomed to the sheepdog's presence and generally accepts it as one of their own, yet remains wary of its obvious differences. The flock recognizes that the sheepdog is more similar to the predators that they try to avoid than it is to them, but trust that it means them no harm. Throughout its life the sheepdog performs his or her duty and asks for nothing in return—its nose turned in to the breeze, its ears alert for the slightest sound. The sheepdog knows that its presence is usually a deterrent and may never have to lash out in anger, but when that day comes, he is prepared to fight to the death. He quite literally guards the flock, the whole flock, with his life. No harm shall come to any in his charge.

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